Valentino Barachini

Dario Mitidieri
24 May 2018
Lorenzo Sestieri
24 May 2018

Prima del Diluvio, Venti Oceanici

by Valentino Barachini

Exhibition curatedby Leporello and Origini edizioni

The exhibition presents the installation of photographs and texts connected with two photobooks by Valentino Barachini for publisher Origini edizioni: Prima del Diluvioand Venti Oceanici. A universal tragedy (the war in Syria for Prima del diluvio) and an intimate reflection on the sea (Venti oceanici), meet in poetic dimension evoked by a common element, water, in an inseparable relationship between photography and text, representing the style of the small Tuscan publishing house.

Prima del diluviotells Syria through photographs, music and poetry. Syria as it was before the war: the cities, the men, the children, the great mosques, the Roman ruins.

The book is conceived as if it were a personal album, a diary: notes, drawings and souvenir photos. And everything runs on the edge of a melancholic counterpoint, on the front page, like an obscure omen.

The catastrophe predicted in music comes in the form of a flood, as from the verses of Paul Celan mentioned in the last pages.

As if to say that what remains, now, is only an archaeological idea of humanand evokes fear veiled (and, inadvertently, biblical) of the moment when someone will ask about that humanity.

Venti oceanicilooks like a diary, almost a diary on board: the images of the sea repeated obsessively seek to capture the eternity of the sea, its meaning. But the sea, the waves are unpredictable, in terms of size and rhythm: so the alternation of sheets and papers of different sizes recalls the waves.

A pretext for a broader reflection on the meaning of existence.

On show with a selection of publications by Origini edizioni


Valentino Barachini (Pisa, 1963) is an Italian photographer. Graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, he devoted himself first to painting and then to graphic design for art catalogs. Starting from the 90s he made prototypes of artist's photobooks. In 2014 he founded with the poet Matilde Vittoria Laricchia the very small scale independent publishing house Origini edizioni, at the service of which he puts his photographic work, his ability to design and his craftsmanship, for the creation of limited edition artist's photobooks.



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