Lorenzo Sestieri

Valentino Barachini
23 May 2018
ROAM Photography
22 May 2017


By Lorenzo Sestieri

Exhibition curated by  Valentina Sestieri

“Susy”, “Susy with a hat,” “Susy in the pool,” “Susy Nude” are some of the labels applied on the boxes of slides shooted by my father between the late 70’s and early 2000’s.

Lorenzo Sestieri is a birdwatcher, photographer for passion and environmental activist, he has always focused his production in the held of naturalistic photography. These pictures, however, tell the story of another passion: the one he has for my mother, Susanna.

Lorenzo met Susy in elementary school, in 1964. Lorenzo and Susy are still in love.

The exhibition is a production of BACO about photographs made with the precious support of MINIMUM.


Valentina Sestieri was born in Rome in 1990.

After classical maturity, she studied at the Roman School of Photography, earning her master’s degree in 2011. In 2012 she is among the founding members of the Rome based cultural association “001”. Between 2014 and 2017 she worked as a studio manger for the Magnum’s photographer Paolo Pellegrin. She now lives in Palermo where she’s among the funders of BACO about photographs project and she works as freelance curator.


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