Un ponte per la fotografia

Fotobook Festival
24 May 2018
Andrea Petrosino
24 May 2018

Collective of the members of Officine Fotografiche Rome

selection by Emilio D'Itri

Every year the association Officine Fotografiche Roma counts among its patrons more than 1000 members, including professional photographers and amateurs. People who make the association a meeting place, exchange and photographic growth, not just a place of passage.

After the success of the last edition, we wanted to renew the inviro to all members, to show a part of the productions that every year begin, take shape and develop in the minds and classrooms of via Libetta.
It is a way to show off the life of the association, the commitment and the passion of those who attend it.

Exhibition in collaboration with ATAC S.p.A

The members who exhibit this year are:

(list being updated)


venerdì 8 giugno ore 18.00



Dall' 11 al 28 giugno 2018



Sovrapasso pedonale della Stazione Metro Garbatella