Temporary Wall

Nel corpo dell’immagine
29 May 2018
Alessandro Cosmelli e Gaia Light
29 May 2018

The Temporary Wall exhibition gathers the commitment of the students of the Photography Biennial School of Photography, who completed their studies in May 2018 and presented their own personal work at the end of the two-year course.
This small exhibition is a summary of the result of their efforts, and attempts to reflect the choices of each student regarding the installation and use of their work, adapting it to the spaces and spirit of the Festival.


Francesco Frugoni


In every inhabited place are imprinted traces of existences, people, objects; they are imprints that became signs, sometimes almost imperceptible at otherwise more evident. For example we can see them like physical traces on “things” or we can feel their presence in a particular light, or in an atmosphere that we might describe as “crystalized time”: feeling that speaks of something that has just happened and that somehow remains.

Danilo Rea


Every Tree Hides Its Roots is a photographic exploration of my homeland by means of the objects and places that connect me to it, combined with self-portraits. It is an attempt to answer some of the most profound questions about my life: to find my self and my place in the world. A process of growth that revisits childhood, the emptiness of adolescence and solitude. By working with black and white film I also hope to transmit a sense of nostalgia for my native land: a nostalgia which has only increased as I’ve grown older.

Alice Fiorenza


L'isola delle creature selvagge tells of the woods in Sardinia where I grew up and the creatures of the island's traditional masks. And inspired by the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, the photographs seek to convey an atmosphere of the wilderness; the cautious curiosity in discovering unknown beings and unspoiled places where we can let our imagination run free.

Giordana Citti


The connection between bodies and “humanized” statues comes from the desire to create a "carnal" bond between them, an intimacy that makes them accomplices in the same story. In the photomontages that I have made in darkroom, the division between carnal and sculptural matter is blurred; marble and flesh fusing as they physically overlap in the frame. With their evident signs of damage caused by the passing of time and the continuous changes of location, the statues are similar to the bodily imperfections of my family as manifest in unique physical markings: the veins of the hands, the folds and the furrows that form between the skin, the wrinkles, postural habits, tattoos. Everything that we carry with us even when naked.


Photos by: Giordana Citti, Francesco Frugoni, Danilo Rea, Alice Fiorenza, 


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