Sara Palmieri

Sylvia Plachy
8 May 2017

Through the book(s)- La forma del silenzio

Curated by Chiara Capodici, Niccolò Fano and Sara Palmieri

Can we break the wall separating us from our limited perception of time, space and infinite?

Sara Palmieri tries to answer this question investigating the relationship between silence, emotionalflow and cathartic outbreak; a relationship that leads every human being to feel the need to transcend, to go beyond, to riconnect with the methaphisical.

La forma del silenzio - the shape of silence- on show at Matèria gallery from June, 6th to July 19th, tells the expansion of a millisecond and the metamorphosis of the perceptual space, decostructand reconstruct worlds, universes, looks for new "levels", analyzes the sensitivty's intimate layersthrough stories and "connections".

The process related to the work on show will be displayed during the fifth appointment of Throughthe book(s) with a selection ok books from Sara Palmieri's library, in dialogue with a series of volumes from Leporello, chosen with Niccolò Fano.

'Books are for me places where to get lost. Spaces to travel in, from which I take objects and clippings, so to then reconstruct a new space, another story, that I tell my way. I prefer books I cancreate a phisical contact with, where paper has voice and volume. I find inspiration in undefined, incomplete words and images, in shapes, drawings, in "mute" books. I like connections, analogies, stories with a beginning and an end let me down. I made books without thinking I was doing a book: I created three-dimensional spaces where a story could live. For La forma del silenzio, I started reading physics and science books, from Rovelli to Klein, passign through Bergson, but I ended up in Lanzalote reading Saramago and Hesse, becaouse science brought me into the sameplace where poetry brings: beyond the visible, beyond the order of the present things" (Sara Palmieri).

On the occasion of Through the book(s) there will be also the presentation of A Place BothWonderful and Strange, published by Fuego Books, a photographic antology inspired by TwinPeaks and the poetics of David Lynch with the work of 12 international photographers, amongwhich Scenario by Sara Palmieri. On show also a selection of books of the Spanish publisher.


Sara Palmieri lives and works in Rome, where she graduated in Architecture in 2005. In her work she uses photography to question the non-visible aspects of reality, that she tries to represent through a process of memories and intuitions,
the unconscious and revelations, fragments and recompositions. Time and space are both the working instruments and the investigated objects. In 2015/2016 she took part to the first ISSP International Masterclass with Aaron Schuman. In 2016 her book La plume plongea la tête was awarded the Marco Bastianelli Prize for Best Italian Self-published book. She had exhibited her work worldwide in festivals and galleries. Part of her work Scenario is included in A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, book published in October 2017 by Fuego Books. Matèria Gallery in Rome will open her first italian solo exhibition in May 2018.



26 giugno, ore 19.00


26 giugno - 20 luglio


Leporello - photobooks et al.

via del Pigneto 162/e