Igor Posner

Michela Battaglia and Stefano De Luigi
28 May 2018
Matthieu Gafsou
29 May 2018

Past Perfect Continuous

by Igor Posner

exhibition curated by Lina Pallotta



In 2006 Igor Posner returned to St. Petersburg, the city where he was born, for the first time in 14 years. Confronted by the shifting resonance of place and memory, the resulting pictures are fundamentally impressionistic, grasped through distances of time.

This is a city half-seen and half-recollected, one version overlaid imperfectly on the other, mapping where the past and the present intersect–a fictional city, then, one that is, in a sense, conjured up by the desire to find some lost incarnation of what was once familiar–a desire that will never, ultimately, be realized. Posner is trying to get the measure of what it means to deal with the past in photographic terms.

There is a collision of distinct experiences and times. His present encounter with the city is inevitably shaped by what he knew of it–the narrative is one of the return and expectation; the dark uncertainty of these images, their haunting sense of dislocation, is a testament to that, these places speak not only of what they are now, but also of what they might have been.


Igor Posner born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). Igor Posner moved to California in the early 90s. He studied molecular and cell biology at the University of California Los Angeles, where he first started to take pictures and experiment in the darkroom. Initial infatuation with picture taking led Igor to explore the silent and haunting experience of walking after dark on the streets of Los Angeles and Tijuana. The first series of images “Nonesuch Records” savors the strange solitude of the enigmatic region between California and Mexico. After 14 years, Igor returned to St. Petersburg in 2006, taking up photography full time, which led to a book project Past Perfect Continuous, published by Red Hook Editions in 2017. At present, Igor is working on a long-term project, entitled Cargó, exploring psychological aspects of migration and gradual disappearance of neighborhoods based on Russian immigrant communities in North America. Igor’s work was shown in North America, Europe, Russia, and South East Asia. He joined Prospekt agency in 2011.


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