Boutographies Award

Les Boutographies – Rencontres Photographiques di Montpellier (Francia)

The Échange Boutographies-FotoLeggendo Award is a prize for exchange between the festival Les Boutographies in Montpellier and FotoLeggendo in Rome. Every year a committee of each of two events visits the other during the opening days, choosing an exhibition that will be exposed in the next edition of their festivals.

Since its inception in 2001, Les Boutographies is always a festival organized to show the best of youth art photography.

For thirteen years the organizers have pursued the goal of dedicating space to all the different and sometimes contradictory functions of today's photography.

With a program that is the antithesis of an uninterrupted stream of advertising, touristic or commercial images, Les Boutographies is the point of access for contemporary art photography in all its different aspects without the imposition of any topic.

Well-known as European-wide festivals, it attracts many young photographers, both art and photo schools students, as well as beginners or artists who are starting to make a name for themselves. The selection is done by creative image professionals, from various art disciplines: from photojournalism up to galleries and festivals.

Boutographies is twinned with the festival of FotoLeggendo (Rome) with which every year will be an exchange of exhibitions.


For the XIII edition, the selected exhibition is Ilona et Maddelena by Sandra Mehl.